‘The Nature of Natures Growers’

Welcome to Natures Growers!

We are horticulture professionals with over 25 years of growth in the nursery trade. The nature of our success lies in our commitment in providing quality products and services, complimented with timely delivery.

Through strengthening our relationships with landscape construction and maintenance companies, residential and commercial developers, and many plant brokers, Natures Growers is proud to have shaped positive growth and development throughout the California landscape.

Our commitment to quality products, providing exceptional service and timely delivery is the seed of intention upon which Nature’s Growers is cultivated. Our experience in the nursery trade and strategic partnerships has allowed Natures Growers to flourish.

Our 60 acre production facility is situated in an optimal growing climate – nestled in Valley Center, CA, as well as an additional 20 acres in Fallbrook, CA. A 14 acre landscape center and distribution yard is strategically located in Anaheim, CA.  Utilizing a fleet of flatbed and semi-tractors, we are more than capable of service from Northern to Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.