Natures Growers is home to over 200 varieties of quality plants and trees. We continually invest into inventory expansion in response to market needs. We offer plant species of all kinds, both native and non-native, including shrubs, grasses, succulents, palms, trees and perennials.

Contract Growing

Natures Growers can assist in developing your landscape plans to the
highest quality by offering contract growing. Depending on the timeframe,
region and ultimate plant or tree size, Natures Growers can grow any
desired plant species at any time.

Public and private projects which require specific planting needs can be
guaranteed success by growing the trees and shrubs to order. Contact us
to discuss your specific needs and timeframe.


Natures Growers believes that a crucial element to any successful projectlies in the timely delivery of high-quality plant products.

Our fleet of semi-tractors and flatbed trucks await to ensure that your order is delivered on-time and in excellent condition.

We are more than capable of service from Northern to Southern California,Nevada and Arizona.